Giusy Bettey
Christian Bartolacci
Sergio Ciccoli
Federico Gianantoni
Micheal Rossi

scala mercalli

The Band was founded in 1992 in Fermo (Italy) and began writing very soon his own repertoire of original songs.

Then, several concerts were followed to record the first demo tape “Hellbringer” in 1995. It received a good response in Italy, Germany and Greece too.

Afterward, because of a formation’s change, they recorded another demo tape in 1999 “Gargoyles”; it also well recorded and reviewed by European and Italian Critic. However, one step away from Record Deal, the Band changed again vocalist and bassist.

Then, they resumed recording only in 2003 with the EP “My Daemons” and from there to a year they released their first album in November 2004, entitled “12th Level”. It received a very good response by audience and Italian and European critics too.

They did 2 years of Tour; some dates with Blaze, Shaaman and Lacuna Coil. But afterward, they stopped again for a short period, even for a formation change. Live Concerts were resumed, and the Band was successful to bring out new album “Border Wild” in 2009. It was also very well reviewed and accepted by audience, enough to take them into three years of live concerts in Italy, and on European Tour with Tarja and some dates supporting Exodus.

Afterward, another formation’s change made them stop, but fortunately, only for a short period. Indeed, they restart with new live dates, again on tour with Tarja and supporting WASP.

In 2015 they record their new album “New Rebirth”, based on Italian and European Resurgence’s period of 1800; as an example and inspiration to the problems that trouble Italy, Europe and all the world in this historical period.

New Album- "INDEPENDENCE": comes out for the Alpha Omega label on January 25th 2019 for Italy in February for the rest of the world.

This album tells about the first the first part of the Italian Risorgimento, from Naple's Reign ruled by King Murat until Mazzini's Roman Republic, including episodes on Mille (The Expedition of the Thousand) and Brigandage, with some of their main characters .

Genre of Band: Heavy Metal with Thrash and Speed Metal influences.

Main influences: Iron Maiden, , Helloween , Dio, Megadeath, Metallica ..above all in the second half of the 80’s.

Current formation: Giusy Bettey (bass) - Christian Bartolacci (Voice) - Sergio Ciccoli (Drums) - Federico Gianantoni (Lead and & Rhythm Guitar) - Micheal Rossi (Lead and & Rhythm Guitar)